preggo powerrr

disclaimer ;)

i grew and delivered my first baby one day before his due date in may of 2011. my blessing. my gift. my joy. my stank tank.  i had been exercising regularly since 2006.  however, when i found out i was preggo in august of 2010, i completely stopped working out for 1 entire week until i saw my OB.  yes, that was the longest week of my life.  why did i do that?  well, being new to the preggo game, i had no idea what i could, couldn’t, and shouldn’t do.  after speaking with my OB and being cleared of any pre-existing health conditions, she practically ordered me to go back to the gym.  she explained that since i had been working out regularly all this time, continuing to do so would be great for both me and baby.  she encouraged it.  so, i did.  she was right. check out:

——–>my fit preggo journey!<——-


——–>my fit preggo journey!<——-

here i am, photoshop-free @ 41 weeks. i’m no celebrity, nor do i have a personal anything.  i DID, however, have tons of help and support from our family and friends as my husband and i adjusted to those crazy first few weeks of parenthood. working out and remaining active throughout my pregnancy helped me to maintain my weight and snap back into shape. i’ll fill you in on how i did just that.  looking for a good breastpump? read about mine.

may 2011            –            june 2012            –            sept 2012

 i’m in the best shape of my life at 30 years old.  OH YES YOU CAN.


10 thoughts on “preggo powerrr

  1. Good job Le!! It worked for me too, I dunno if u knew this but when we were on volleyball tog I was preggo lol and then the breast feeding burned SUPER calories. You look great and even though I’m not having any more for awhile this is inspiring : )

    • hi Chi Chi! you must first and foremost be cleared by your doctor to workout again. did you exercise all the way through your pregnancy? there are a few factors to consider before you jump back into your workout routine, and you should definitely start slow as well. feel free to email me!

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