FFL approved


if it’s in here, well, i liked it so much i wanted to tell you about it!

which means….. i stand by it, i use it, i eat it, i wear it, i support it, and i praise it. here.

workout pants:

workout tops:




out to eat: 

14 thoughts on “FFL approved

  1. you really inspire me but how did you figure out how to eat carbs and still have abs…im trying to get abs and im totally confused and im afraid of carbs :(

    • hi Kami! it’s all about portion sizes- another reader told me that someone instructed her to stop eating oatmeal if she wanted to be lean. that hurt my ears!!! i ate oatmeal every single day of my competition prep, and even now in the off season. every day! you must have a complete balace of everything in your diet to reach your fitness goals though, not just carbs. my current nutrition plan is designed specifically for me by 6 Pack USA, a company my husband and i started. however, the My Fitness Pal app (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/apps)- one of the best out there, can walk you through finding out your approximate daily macros. that’s a great start! if you’d like more info on 6 Pack though, let me know! thanks again for your inquiry, and remember, good carbs (oatmeal, sweet potatoes, whole grains, fruits, beans) ARE your friends. you do not have to cut them out. i promise!

      • hey im back again with another question..i am a major CARBOPHOBE!! if something had more than 20g of carbs i find it hard to eat and when do eat carbs i workout like a beastto burn them off…thats how much of a carbophobe i am :(..but i am currently doing insanity and i use some of your recipes sometimes instead of the insanity meal plan..some days i eat less than 1000 calories(i know its bad but i cant help it) and i was wondering if you were ever going to create a cookbook or if you coach people

        • Kami, pleeeeeease email me: le@fitfoodiele.com. you NEED carbs my friend.. YES, even to lose weight. it’s all about balance. i’d have to know more about your current body stats as well as your overall goal to better help you though. i provide personalized fitness and nutrition (workouts and meal plans) specific to each person’s goals. hit me up! *visit http://www.6packusa.com*

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