burn & build


interval workouts:
on the track: 

on your own:

rockin’ out my very FIRST group fitness class back in 2008!

who knew that all it took for me to come out of my shell was a microphone and some dumbbells?  i am pretty shy and reserved..a total introvert. however, when i put that mic on, all fear is gone. public speaking is no longer mt. fiji and i feel so free but still in complete control.  I’ve been a group fitness instructor for over 5 years now, but i still get butterflies before every single class, never fails. somehow i am able to channel all that nervous energy into a crazed, motivating, calorie burning maniac.

my fire and intensity for group fitness is refueled after every class i teach. i love to see people working out with maximum effort and sweating like a little piggy!  to know that i play a part in creating real, significant change for someone is truly gratifying. my husband used to tell me ‘ you know, you CAN skip a workout or two…really.’  something inside won’t let me. sometimes i have a random, overwhelming desire to just RUN. so i do. not because i ate bad and the guilt is haunting me, but because it honestly does make me feel GOOD. inside and out. the saying is true- when you look good you feel good. while i love taking and teaching strength and cardio classes, i do try to run at least 2-3 times per week outside, not on the treadmill.

i can really tear up a pair of shoes.


12 thoughts on “burn & build

  1. Leah – you are such an inspiration and your spirit shines both from the inside and out. I truly believe God has given us a gift for teaching group fitness. It takes special people and I’m so glad to share in this gift with you. I’m excited for your blog and to keep up with all your recipes and tips!

  2. Hi I’m new to your blog and I am instantly obsessed! Your friend Ashley V suggested it to me. It’s so inspirational and motivating, I especially love that you have a non Nazi approach because eating healthy can be intimidating, I can’t wait to make your breakfast pizza with oatmeal crust sounds amazing!

    • welcome, Summer!! how awesome of AV to send you my way:) i’ve been known to complicate some things but healthy eating will never be one of them lol! i know you’ll enjoy the pizza and i hope you try more of my recipes- thank you so much for the love.

  3. I have been looking at your blog for a little over a week I’m still new to this. I’m from Austin,Tx so i love how i can find alot of things you use. I decided i wanted to change me life for the better and change my ways I’m so thankful for finding you!!! I can’t wait till your book comes out as well. Since I’m new to all this I’m a little confused about how many cals, carbs, ect; but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Once again love your blog!!!

  4. Glad to see your blog! I will be a regular. Now, this is something I want to see. A woman that was pregnant and lost her belly! :-) Gives us hope!

    • definitely! i’m in better shape than before i popped him out! it’s totally possible to bounce back BETTER… all is not lost post-baby and i strive to prove that. thank you so much for visiting and for sharing your comment, Tisha :)

  5. Hi,I am new to your blog and excited about it.really wish I discovered it earlier.just had a baby and still look pregnant,really need help.pls come to my rescue

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