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boy: a noise with dirt on it

a mommy-friend of mine invited the boys and i to toddler story time at a local library recently.  actually, she invited us weeks ago but i finally got it together enough on my end so that we could attend. it was a morning event so i got up super-duper early just to ensure we’d make it. a lil late, but we made it.  i feel like i have to start getting everybody ready like 3 hours before we have to be somewhere, seriously.  and when we are rarely making good time, Chiso suddenly has to go go to the restroom as i am loading up the car or Dego throws up on us.  never fails!  but hey, we made it AND we even got a nice breakfast in!


i had egg whites with black pepper, mozzarella almond cheese, a little homemade guacamole, low-fat turkey sausage, and french toast with strawberries!  big breakfast to support my activity levels these days which includes hitting the weights again, nursing around the clock, and keeping up with my 3 yr old. among other things.


Chiso has requested pancakes for like 2 weeks straight now. maybe even longer than that.  so made him some sprinkled with mini chocolate chips, sugar-free syrup, and a little fat-free Redi Whip.


our boys warmed right on up to each other and enjoyed the crafting, songs, and puppet show.


 Maranda is a mom of 3 boys herself so i know she feels my pain can relate to life with these little knuckleheads!


 our first official outing together.  we did it!! we’re pros now. i actually avoided leaving the house with both boys for the longest…but the saying is true. ‘ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.’ after that? piece of cake! for the most part. thinking, i.e. worrying, about every single thing that could go wrong is no way to live. i’ve learned to be prepared, prayerful, and cautious, not crazy.  Chiso’s independence could not have come at a better time though. for him to be able to get in and out of the car himself, clean up his toys and messes, retrieve and/or throw away Dego’s diapers, and turn on the bathroom light so i don’t have to get up lol helps out big time. sigh…no more baby Chiso!

just another one of those bittersweet mommy moments.


well all that fun didn’t result in a nap at our house, but Chiso enjoyed himself and has asked to go back countless times now. Maranda is a pro at finding free & fun stuff to do around our city, and i recently came across Houston on the Cheap with even more ideas galore.  check it!

i got to bed way too late so my early gym date was definitely out this morning. i hit the streets for some sprints once Sonny got home instead. i haven’t run full speed in almost a year and i’m sure i’ll pay for it tomorrow and the next day!  i did ladders:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.47.46 PM

i started slow and only went ‘down’ the ladder from 5 to 1.  that was all i had, woof.  also, here are two foodie items being adding back into my diet that i’ve posted about before: almond cheese (gotta cut down on the dairy cause of bloating) and calorie-free Grey Poupon mild & creamy mustard. i got great feedback via Instagram about Daiya vegan cheese so i’m gonna step out and try that brand next.

Q: what have you tripped over that wasn’t even worth tripping over once you did it?


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  1. Ok not because you’re my sister and I love you buuuut I really do LOVE your blog!!! I get to smile, laugh, sometimes cry lol and be inspired all in the same blog. I still get excited when I see you’ve posted a new blog (by the way you are doing AWESOME with keeping up with your posts). I still remember the very first few blogs and to see where you are now. You have and continue to grow so much. You’ve come such a long way. So AMAZING. So inspiring. From foodielovinle to fitfoodiele to competing to your FIRST cookbook (and more to come) to cooking classes to fitness related demos and appearances to a mommy of TWO beautiful boys….etc etc I am so PROUD OF YOU! One of the things I love the most is that through it all, you still maintain that humble, genuine & beautiful spirit that we all love. You make hearts smile and bellies growl through your yummy food pics LOL. Keep ‘em coming sis. You’re doing an awesome job!


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