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H-town’s very first 24 hour donut cafe

 a former colleague of mine and fellow UH Cougar, Ose Ohen, opened up Glazed last week!  we headed to stuff our faces immediately after church as planned.


transparency is a wonderful thing.  i appreciate and enjoy being able to watch my food being prepared and just the entire process in general.  maybe that’s why i’m such a big fan of Unwrapped on Food Network.  seeing how things i’ve been eating for YEARS are made is just really interesting and cool.  anyway, kitchen windows build trust.  it can also change the way an employee works if you know what i mean, lol.


 they had 3 flavors ready to go for the soft opening: lemon poppy, glazed, and maple bacon (with a turkey bacon version as well).


more glass windows, awesome.


we all sat down and got comfy while Sonny went to order our sweets.  i didn’t even have to tell him what to get either.


*just before pulling the deliciousness out of the bag*


i know. and it tasted as incredible as it looked.  perfect balance of sweet/salty/doughy/chewy/fluffy. WHAT a donut. i am crazy excited about this gigantic list of flavors they’ll be selling in the near future and i’m not even a donut person!


Chiso eats his donuts just like his pizza, plain.  i’d say he enjoyed it.


 well you knew this was happening later.  sweaty stair master intervals and some core work completed my sunday.  5 weeks postpartum and i still work my kegal muscles (when i think about it randomly at home) to strengthen my pelvic floor again.  it’s a process, ladies!  be patient, work them daily if you can, and make sure you do them on an empty bladder.


 as i got meal prep going for the next few days, i channeled my inner Fish City Grill with these tacos for dinner.  if you’ve been there and ordered them they should look pretty familiar to ya ;) .  i used La Tortilla Factory 70 calorie tortillas as usual (which i saw at HEB recently!!!!) and filled them with baked swai fish, bagged cabbage and Annie’s all natural Lite Goddess dressing.  this is super similar to the Crunchy Ginger Rotisserie Chicken Wrap from a few days ago.  then i grilled them up on our griddle for a few minutes until they browned.   heating the tortilla first makes a huge difference vs a cold, flimsy tortilla.  try it!  someone from Instagram suggested i taste that flavor of Annie’s next and i’m glad i did.

Q: kolaches or donuts?

i’m a cheese lover so that’s an easy one. 


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  1. I love all of your updates and seeing pics of your sweet family is fun, too I just bought Annie’s lite gingerly and it’s now a favorite of mine. Thank you for sharing your healthy recipes with all of us out there. I really appreciate that you take the time to post when you have so much on your plate!

    I am going to make your wraps but what is swai fish??


    • hey Susan! your message is so encouraging; thank you so much and it’s all my pleasure. swai is another white-fish with similar nutritional stats to tilapia but the texture is somewhat like catfish to me. also has more sodium so you don’t need much seasoning at all. i like it and it’s cheaper than tilapia and whiting at my grocery store. give it a try!


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just finished bath time and i am honored to be tagged by the beautiful, twin mama👭 @amayes for #stopdropandselfie + 3 fun facts about me! 
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👉PUSH YOURSELF. make time to move. it's worth the sacrifice. you have to get up every morning and literally tell yourself out loud, 'I CAN DO THIS.' then do it. it's YOUR butt. YOU move it🔥!!! -
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