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hello there mr. speculum + 1st postpartum home workout

postpartum check up time!

5 weeks in, and here we are again.


the last time i sat on this table i was 40 weeks preggo and 2 cms dilated.  just in my thoughts as i waited for Dr. A. lol.


soon as i walked in the office my eyes were immediately drawn to the tools on the counter though, especially that darn speculum. hate it. and that clicking noise as it opens drives me craaaazy.

however, it was standing in the way of me and the gym so i tolerated it for yet another 60 seconds.  i know i’ll be seeing it for the rest of my life so i’ll make peace with it some day.


aaaand we’re done here!  Dr. A cleared me to go back to my usual workout routine whenever i am ready.  however, i’m taking it super, duper slow.  teaching vs. taking a class are two different experiences for me as i’ve mentioned before.  kinda like Beyonce vs. Sasha Fierce– falling down the stairs and all.  i don’t want to push it too fast too soon, but ultimately i will be taking classes again, adding the weights back into my routine slowly but surely, and paying attention to how my body responds.  listen to your OB ladies, and listen to your body. i’ll discuss some of my fitness goals in the next post though!


afterwards, i decided to share my very first workout at home with my Mr. Piggy! Sonny is NOT feeling Odego’s nickname but because he grunts and snorts like crazy when he is hungry it was only right.

#sorrynotsorry, hubs.


 i’m using body weight for these super basic moves for the most part as Dego only weighs like 9 lbs.  it’s perfect cause i’m forced to go super slow while i hold my precious cargo!

  • squats – looking up and out at the ceiling while performing squats helps to keep my back flat and knees behind my toes.

  • plie squats – you don’t have to go deep! gradually work your way back to that level.

  • side bends – try these to start and keep a flat back and elevated chest for better posture.  my postpartum core strength is loads better this time around as i worked my obliques throughout my pregnancy.

  • modified push ups with kisses :)

remember moms, my pace is not your pace and vice versa.  if you feel any pain or discomfort, STOP.  and if you haven’t been cleared to do these exercises yet, don’t even think about it!  if you have been cleared but still not ready, go outside and walk, hit the elliptical, or start with some postpartum yoga.  if moms could have their pre-preggo bodies back sooner than later, then let’s be honest– i’m positive a vast majority would jump at the chance to.  my message is to first and foremost show how proper nutrition and physical activity can aid in doing just that.  make no mistake, this is not a race.  i repeat…this is not a race.  i exercise because i love it. i make time for it because it’s a priority in my life.  there is absolutely nothing unrealistic about eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly during pregnancy. nothing. my journey may not be typical or the norm, but my results are very real.  my skin gets thicker by the day because of Instagram lol, but i won’t apologize or feel bad for being blessed to have an active pregnancy (i don’t take it for granted one bit) and/or living a healthy lifestyle.  ANY mom can do it and i hope to inspire other women enough to even try!

semi-rant over.



i stopped at GNC on the way home to try some new Quest Bar flavors before i buy a whole box of them and i’m excited!  they have been helping with my sweet cravings and i don’t mind the fiber and protein that comes with them.  they’re all natural, high fiber, gluten-free, 1g of sugar, and low carb. i bought hubs the Cookies & Cream flavor which he swallowed on sight (which is why it’s not pictured) and i managed to get a piece and loved it too.  it nipped his Oreo cookie craving right in the bud, sweet!

Q: what is your favorite Quest Bar flavor? 


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    • daaaaaang, i’m so jealous you tried them all, LOL!!! lucky you. thank you SO much for sharing your review, love it. chocolate chip cookie dough surprised me and i would definitely buy a whole box of them, yum.


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well these were fun😊. mornin'!
🍯PB & J🍓🍌Banana Sushi 🍣. i used #Smuckers all natural Strawberry Fruit Spread and Dark Chocolate Dreams by Peanut Butter & Co.
#LaTortillaFactory #bananasushi #healthysweetsnack #fitfoodiele 💔 grilled tilapia, sautéed green beans & sweet potatoes, & pineapple pan fried in coconut oil 🍍#lunchies this is the closest i can get to the cookies😂!!! (and it's spot ON might i add👌). i'm gonna buy a few boxes to support one of my preggo client's kiddos BUT i can't keep'em in my pantry. i'll just keep eating 1/8th of a cookie every 15 min until the box is gone cause eating teeny tiny portions instead of all at once = less calories😒 #wait #what #confession #badhabit #dontdothat ☕CHEERS to moderation, knowing yourself, single serving sizes, and goals🙌!!! #clink #fitfoodiele #humpdaymotivation🐫 #timetolift💪 maybe the single socks and tupperware lids are there too?? #agirlcandream morning, nonexistent sunshine🌞!!!! it's raining in Houston today and the fog was SCARY thick at 5am. HIIT class went well tho and i am done with my workout for tha day😥. i haven't had much of an appetite since sunday night after catching the quickest come & go fever (+ congestion, headache, runny nose, sore throat) ever but i still gotta keep my cals UP. whenever they drop, my milk supply does too. remember that, mamas!  also i know there are some safe cold meds we can take while nursing but i'm trying to fight this thing the old fashion way. been sipping on a raw honey + lemon juice + green tea concoction w/ a side of orange juice lol throughout the day that has knocked out the sore throat completely. any home remedies that have been proven to work for you? pls share!  i've been switching up my meals to wake my taste buds back up, so i'm having a toasted eggwhite veggie wrap instead of my usual oatbran. ran outta almond cheese so that creaminess is from 2 tbsp of Tofutti dairy-free cream cheese and i think i like this better anyway!!!👅👅👅👅 #cheeseovereverything #coe #brekky #PWO @6packusa #6packusa #meal1

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