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burritos & brothers

i am surprising myself right now because although i did make some blogging goals for 2014, blogging every day was not one of them :lol: .  well, let’s keep this going then! #nopressure

2014-01-04 17.52.41

weeeeell as you saw my diet got a little outta control a few weeks ago.   the baby is supposed to be the size of an avocado at 17 weeks, and it’s definitely more me there than baby already!  or, the saying  ‘you show quicker for every pregnancy after your 1st’ has been applied. nevertheless, i have been feeling GREAT these past few days and directing all this new 2nd tri energy into my workouts.  i’m taking it slower than usual and being cautious, but i’m finally getting to the gym without having an emotional meltdown first or having to bribe myself.


my brother’s vaca time is winding on down way too fast. his fridge is pretty empty since he’s leaving again soon so i stopped by Sprouts Farmer’s Market after my morning workout to pick up the makings for some gigantic breakfast burritos:

  • La Tortilla Factory 80 calorie, low carb, whole wheat tortillas
  • 99% lean ground turkey breast
  • eggs
  • green bell pepper
  • yellow bell pepper
  • red bell pepper
  • yellow onion
  • cilantro
  • Boars Head cheddar cheese (i could have done waaaay better with this selection —-> part skim mozzarella, reduced/low-fat, almond/rice cheese, etc., but i gave into to my craving and got the real thang)
  • pineapple salsa
  • avocado (that i forgot to get)

as much as i want strawberries these days i can’t bring myself to pay that price, nope.  they are outta season, but blackberries are in and have been super cheap and affordable.  buy on sale only and save that money.


if you buy ground turkey instead of beef in an effort to save fat and calories, you MUST read the label to be sure you’re doing just that.

turkey breast is lean, but if you aren’t careful, you may grab a package that contains both breast and dark meat, which isn’t lean.  i usually come across and purchase these two varieties: 99% & 97% lean.  the leaner the meat, the higher the price. that’s just the way it is yall.  i keep my lean protein serving to 3g of fat or less. if you choose the wrong package, you might have come out better nutrition-wise picking the beef! read your labels.


miss him already.

2014-01-04 20.44.56

pretty sure he ate burritos for lunch and dinner :lol:


later, my 1st pedi of 2014 happened. MAN i needed this. hadn’t had one since we went to Miami in September and after a couple of 5ks, let’s just say the nail tech made it snow with all my dead skin. :shocked: . and bless his heart, no more scratching up Sonny’s feet in the bed for a while.

speaking of snow, i hope we get some since it will be in the dang 20’s in Houston on Monday, whoa. bundle up!


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  1. Great post!! Never thought about that with the ground turkey and beef. I am not a huge fan of the all turkey breast though….lol. I’ll pay more attention though. lastly,.HEB has strawberries for $1.77.


    • would you believe i saw the HEB ad after i posted :lol: .that’s how it goes! now 2 for 3 bucks is my kinda price. i’ll be heading there to get some soon, thanks for that, Jameika ;)


  2. I am so happy you posted about these low carb tortillas! I’ve been eating Flat Outs for a few months and needed something new, grabbed a pack at Sprouts last night thanks to you :)

    Great tips, as always!


      • I can tell you right now, I finished the pack in about 2 weeks! Haha, next grocery store run I am picking up another pack. I think you would also like Flat Outs if you like those tortillas :) Similar everything. 18g c, 90 cal 1g fat? Both are great for our healthy alternatives ;)


  3. I miss when strawberries are out of season because we only buy them if they’re organic. Strawberries are one of the worst when it comes to pesticides.


  4. The darn things weren’t sweet like i like but that’s to be expected since they are out of season. I did make a fruit salad with pineapples and added the strawberries so they could get some of that natural sugar on them.


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3 things that made this weekend so flippin' great:
1. i found this treat at the bottom of my bag on the way to the gym and it reminded me that @sproutsfm NOW SELLS QUEST BARS!!!👏🎉#yourewelcome (your move, HEB😁) 2. my brother @unclethew was faced with the decision to jump back on a plane to go work in Afghanistan yesterday (prolly for the last time anyway) and he chose not to! this world is crazy and danger is present everywhere...but i'm just glad he is not a gazillion miles away anymore and will be around to see his nephew Dego take his first steps. 
3. I killed my sunday HIIT workout and literally ate meal 3 twice😖😷 you ready for the week? did you meal prep?! you still got time #getonit just finished a big batch of Roasted Sriracha Garlic Red Potatoes😍: -
👉Weber Garlic Sriracha seasoning
👉diced red potatoes
👉fresh lemon juice
👉chopped parsley
400 deg for 45 min! toss a few times while cooking and don't forget to coat your pan with no stick cooking spray☝. it is another unbelievably 🌞gorgeous🌞 day in my city and i don't know whether to go outside and run or hit the gym for my workout!!! #decisionsdecisions #sunday #Houston #mealprep #garlicsriracha #starchycarbs #fitfoodiele #6packusa 'meal prepping is the new fast food💡.' I like that😏. get it done yall and thank yourself in advance @6packusa #6packusa #sunday #mealprep #doit #likeaboss  #peaceofmind #worththesacrifice #asundaywellspent✔ #fitfoodiele our #ootds from seeing The Rat🐭 today! The Gap is having 40% off right now so i took advantage👗 (Dego's socks and onesie are from there too; it says 'Smile' w/a camera that looks like an Instagram logo on the front #supercute). you know how you see something really hot on the hanger but you don't feel like trying it on (i was in sweaty gym clothes🙊) so you buy it anyway and then the cashier tells you it's finale sale lol....yeah. this dress is a lil' big on me per @dagwuat but it makes me feel like a mom for some reason! and it was only 20  bucks👌#couldntpassitup #ootd #thegap #coolgreys #chuckecheese #omg #Degoislooking #saturday #newnormal #fitfoodiele rest days do a body GOOD, so don't skip'em.  had tons of energy today because of mine so i did a bunch of total body exercises to get my heart rate UP and that fat burning process goin'! here's one of my faves🔥#saturday #totalbody #squatthrusts #core #fullbody #lifetimefitness #fitmom #fitfoodiele some mamas have asked if i was still breastfeeding and the answer is yes! Dego is just a big ol' titty baby😂 and still nurses 3 times a day(and even more if he's not feeling well cause all they want to do is cuddle, right😌). it has become so routine that i forget breastfeeding sessions are like mini workouts (thx for the reminder @showtimefitness) and i used to wonder why i was so dang hungry some days! I went 19 months with my 1st born so we will see what happens. ☕coffee and 🍼 with my boo then off to train some clients and get my own workout in💪! 🌞happy saturday🌞 ✌#9months #fitmom #fitfoodiele

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